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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  September 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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meteorologist sally severson. >> yesterday, thunderstorms and breezy and cooler today. the highs going up to the 60s. getting a look at milwaukee and 59. dew .48. winds for now are west, southwest at 9 miles per hour. the winds are going to pick up. the early morning clouds are going to exit the east and the south. clearing to a party sunny it is blustery. a slight chance of clouds and stray shower to the north. now to matt for breaking news. >> yeah, we have a crash on the west side, wauwatosa border, 124th and capital drive. it looks like injuries are involved. it is in the center of the
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bound along capital drive. the traffic volume is light up there. the rest of the system is nice and quiet. if you are headed out soon, no delays on the freeways just yet. we'll continue to keep your eyes on it. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. just hours away from the first presidential debate between clinton and trump. the latest abc news poll shows that trump, 46% saying they are voting for hillary clinton. that difference is within the margin of error. there is a lot at stage as the election day is looming just six weeks away. what is the format tonight? >> well, ben this is a 90 minute debate focussed on the direction
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the security. before taking the stage tonight at hofstra university, they showed up the foreign policy chops. they described the meeting and swiping. >> we are concerned there might be a double stan tarred here. donald trump can't lie on the debate stage and win or get a passing grade. >> clinton camp called for trump to be fact >> i really don't appreciate the campaigns thinking it is a job of the media to be a virtual fact checker. >> saying it is not the moderator's role. >> it is not a good idea to get the moderator into serving as the encyclopedia. >> it is not designed to push the candidates past the talking points. >> debate coach on the strategies. >> one of the biggest challenges
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terms of preparing for the debate is trump is unpredictable and she doesn't know what he's going to show up. donald trump knows who he is going to be debating. >> and has debated more than 30 times on the presidential level and this is donald trump first time going one on one with another candidate. >> thank you. tonight is the first of three presidential des one october 9th in st. louis, the final one october 19th in las vegas. >> ben the political science department at uw-waukesha is hosting a watch party. the watch party is open to the public. it is held in room c 101 in the commons area. the professors are leading a discussion after wards and then in milwaukee, both parties are hosting debate events.
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good morning, thema. >> good morning, melinda, the two parties are holding two debate watch parties here in milwaukee. the democrats are in an office building and the republicans at a restaurant. hillary clinton supporters going to milwaukee campaign office on the south side. the group hillary for wisconsin is hosting the party. further to the south, ac from the airport, donald trump supporters will be at amelia's restaurant with a re-debate party with free pizza and a cash bar. now as who is going to be watching the debate, look here live, according to the latest abc news washington post pal 74% of americans say they are going
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live in milwaukee, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> thema, thank you. the presidential debate will be airing live on wisn 12. >> absentee voting is starting today. the polls are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:05. marquette university police are asking the students to be on alert after robberies near the campus. >> this just in right now, marquette university just tweeted this out, safety alert, robbery atept rorted near the one thousandth block of 17th street. so that was september out two
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are talking about robberies over the weekend, one at 13 kt and wisconsin and the other at 14th and wisconsin. the students are told to check their emails about the robberies. this is coming as the marquette university police mark their one year anniversary, in that year, they saw 62% decrease in battery and assault, 42% drop in robberies and decrease in the marquette officers patrol the campus and surrounding neighborhoods. the students and neighbors are encouraged to follow twitter, they have issued a safety alert and students can check their emails. we have a photographer headed to the scene as well. reporting live from the news room back to you. >> thank you, tim. this is coming as campus police
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of safety initiatives. they are holding self-defense and training in the dorms. they can learn about the health and well rns centers on the campus. >> there is a lot of stigma on the agencies and police officers, we are very approachable and we are here to the partnerships and bimding the relationships and having dialogue between the officers and the citizens. >> the police officers are stopping by to talk to the students about staying safe off the campus. >> five-year-old petterson died nearly two years ago.
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karl barrett is expected in court this morning. >> 6:08. when it is too hot we goo for the iced coffee and this morning it is prime time perfect tr the hot stuff. >> and some people probably running the heat in the car. >> we have the lows in the upper 40s for tonight and tomorrow night so a bite sized chill underway. right now 57 at raci and over the lake. the winds are lighter and southwest. 59 at the airport. 54 madison. you are seeing in the north woods, the temperatures are close to 50 degrees. cooler air is beginning to move in for us. we are looking at a good amount of sunshine. the clouds are in place early this morning. we call for sunshine and highs that reach up to 68 degrees, west winds 15-25.
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breaking traffic news. >> 124th street and capital. the wauwatosa police closed capital drive. coming northbound on 12th street go east or west. two cars, one person was taken away from the scene on a stretcher. they are starting to do the clean up here. right now, two areas freeways are in good shape. no delays right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. 6:09. new from overnight, two earthquakes hitting within minutes of each other in japan. tim is learning new information in the news room. tim? >> no indication that the island
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according to the officials, first quake reported overnight off the coast with a magnitude of 5.7. minutes before that, 5.5 quake hit the northern most main island. no reports of immediate damage or injuries. of course, we are following this story all morning long and brick you any updates. back to you. >> thank you, tim. 6:10. historic flood levels in iowa. >> the families are watching the rivers as they threaten to overflow. details on the curfew now in effect and the efforts to protect the homes and businesses. >> plus, count down to tippoff, the bucks are starting practices later the week and the team tradition happening today before
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>> welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." we are gabbing over here. it is 6:13. it is fall. we are talking about the fall fashion and what to wear. it is cold outside. >> a little chill in the air and the temperatures showing up in the 50s.
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everyone was in short sleeves, but outside this morning, you will want a light jacket. 55 at west allis. waukesha 54. 54 west bend. 57 lake geneva and kenosha. sunrise 6:44. 59 degrees. for today, we see sunshine comfortable highs in upper 60s with breezy winds. matt? >> yeah, it looks like a second person taken by ambulance. there is a person on the stretcher and loaded up. this is 124th and capital drive. the tow truck is moving. if you are on the freeways, the
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good... that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. thousands of people are leaving their homes in cedar rapids iowa. and people are bracing for the flooding. >> yes t cedar river could be cresting tomorrow morning and could be the second worst flooding that the city has en 2008 when the river hit 31.2 feet. yesterday they filled the sandbags and barriers around the buildings. this is a mandatory curfew until 7:00 a.m. this morning. some of the neighborhoods are empty after the evacuations. meanwhile, to the west, a flood warning for the mississippi river in lacrosse.
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later this morning at 12.1 feet, that is just above flood stage. that river is expected to fall some time tomorrow morning. back to you. >> tim, thank you. wisn 12 news time now is 6:1 # 6. the green bay packers are off to a strong start at home winning yesterday. quarterback passed for four touchdowns in the opening happen. including this one. and he nelson. welcome back. he was injured last year. pack wins 34-27. the pack have a bye week next week. >> later today, team owners and players for the bucks will give insight. it is the media day. the bucks start the season with a mixed bag of high hopes and
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remember last week, a hundred million dollar contract extension, the large errs in bucks history and the next day, we learned that chris middleton is out for six months after tearing a hamstring. we hope to learn more about the team and expectations later today. tomorrow the bucks open training camp in madison. >> 6:17. today ellen is playing match maker for >> she's single and looking for a soul mate. ellen has a little game to play. >> oh, michael b jordon. i love him. >> bachelor? >> michael b. jordon. >> you can see what a-lister wins her heart today on ellen at 4:00 and followed by wisn 12
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ellen request make it happen. >> she's got everybody's numbers. >> she make a quick call. it could happen. well, match making with a cool front and chilly rare -- air is rolling in. 6:18. mostly cloudy skies over the east and far south, but the sun is coming out already to the west. the clouds are moving off and sandwichwi and calling for highs today up to 68. take a look, it is a broad circulation around the low pressure situated well to the north. this is continuing to influence the weather for the next few days. first, we get a little wave through and clipping the northern counties. this low is going to sag to the south and meander around the great lakes.
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especially for tuesday and wednesday. 39 in montana. we are not getting into the 30s. but we have a couple of 40s on the maps for lows. 54 in waukesha. mostly cloudy skies. lunchtime we are drawing the clouds out and a second wave is coming through with the clouds in the afternoon. now overnight things are quiet. on tuesday, you can see the circulatio this is at 3:00. i think mid to late afternoon we have a little rain coming through and that trend is continuing off and on tuesday afternoon and wednesday. 68 today. 48 tonight. look at the lows. we start to warm up a bit for the weekend. matt? >> sally, we have two injured in
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one transported. the tow truck is moving in. eastbound capital drive shutdown at 124th and northbound 124th shutdown at capital drive. that is a look at the breaking news. >> thank you, matt. 6:20. recognizing excellence at local schools. >> this morning, sally is handing out the first top teacher award for the season. second grade classroom of ashley banton. she's the first wisn top teacher of this school year. we are going into the classroom. >> oh, here it goes. >> you have to see how the class reacts to the surprise coming up next. >> plus, two presidential candidates not on the stage but having their voices russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message.
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scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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>> such an energetic class this morning. that will wake you up. thank you for the shout out. >> wisn 12 is stopping by the classrooms across southeast wisconsin and if you are interested in a visit, head to and click on the school shout out logo and we'll find a time for jeremy to stop by. >> september means back to school and we are delighted to bring you top >> it is a chance to nominate a teacher that makes an impression on your life. >> elementary school is not always about the reading, math and science, it is about trying new things and learning who you are. ashley teaches second grade at holy apostle school in new
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students grow. >> yes, school is about learning and it is about helping them to be individuals who can go out to world later and be good people. >> we are going into the classroom. she was nominated by a holy apostle family, mrs. banton helped their confident in becoming more confident, so confident that the 7-year-old landed a part in the high school musical. you are our s teacher. she's always been a leader. >> i was the boss at home, my siblings nicknamed me mom. tell me what to do. >> it is obvious that the students think of her more than a teacher. and she leads them every day to bigger and better days. >> those days when you feel each child is engaged at some point
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>> we had great fun visiting holy apostle, and she was great to meet her and the wonderful kids. she helped a student to overcome the shyness and won a part in the high school play. >> wow, that is great. >> congratulations to ashley. >> 6:26. it is a heat wave. >> sumer is sticking around in >> controversy about the statute of jackson. >> matt is over an accident here, just cleared up a moment ago. this is in tosa.
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>> facing off for the first time. hillary clinton and donald trump will share the debate stage just hours from now. how one university is getting ready for the historic event. >> and milwaukee's mayor is unveiling his budget plan today.
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for you and your family. >> but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look outside. it looks fall, feels like fall too. we're tracking temperatures as you get ready for work and school. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. it's 6:30 on this monday, september 26th. let's start with the forecast. meteorologist sally severson is in the weather center. good morning, sal. >> well, you know, autumn is easing in for us, a little step at a time. we are looking at temperatures for now showing this is mounted at milwaukee institute of art and design. the cloud are trying to break up. the clouds are lingering over the far east and southern corner early today. we grab a little sunshine for monday. the dew points falling out of the 60s and into the 40s. a mix of sun and clouds today. the temperatures reaching up to
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hour. we time out the showers coming up for tomorrow. matt? >> sally, we have moved on from the crash, all lanes are reopened there. things are looking pretty good. otherwise, we are looking good. getting busy on 94 east bound. tapping the brakes into the construction zone. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> we start this morning with commitment 2016. early voting begins later today in milwaukee. thema ponton is live where the people can vote. thema? >> good morning, ben. they are getting under way here. they have the machines out, the signs are up and ready for the
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ballots today. the early voting is starting at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at zeidler municipal building next to city hall. right now this is the om place to cast your ballot. but in the next month, two more early voting locations will be opening. the mayor says in addition to the election workers at the sites, there will be bilingual election workers on hand. they want everyone to be able to get out and exercise their right to vote. we are live back here now, if you want to come and cast your ballot, it is fine in terms of parking. they have spaces out front and along the sides for the voters. >> thema, thank you.
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early voting. they're holding a rally at noon today near the student center on matc's campus. former senator russ feingold will be there along with campus activists. >> looking ahead in commitment 2016, hillary clinton and donald trump go head-to-head tonight for the first time. tim, what can we expect from the first presidential debate? >> insiders say there'll be plenty of conflict and drama. maybe name calling. who knows. let's check in with wisn 12 news' sally kidd reporting from hempstead, new york where that >> good morning from hofstra university. this is where it all happens tonight, hillary clinton and donald trump in their first debate. just two podiums on the stage this time. the candidates will be facing off for 90 minutes. the trump campaign has been downplaying expectations pointing out that hillary clinton is the more experienced more polished debater. clinton has been deep in debate prep in the days leading up to
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appear trustworthy and find ways to connect with the audience, while trump needs to show that he is fit for the job. as we head into tonight's debate, the latest abc news washington post poll shows the race is virtually tied. reporting in hempstead, i'm sally kidd. >> you can watch tonight's presidential debate right here on wisn 12. it starts at 8:00. you can also follow the latest 12 news mobile app. melinda? >> tim, thank you. >> the presidential candidates are focusing on wisconsin as the race between clinton and trump gets tighter. hillary clinton's campaign sent new york city's mayor, bill de blasio to milwaukee last night. tim kaine's wife, anne holton, will be in the badger state on thursday. chelsea clinton is expected to travel to green bay on friday. and donald trump and his running mate mike pence will both make trips to wisconsin this week.
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on wednesday. >> more police patrolling your streets. that's expected to be part of milwaukee mayor tom barrett's budget being presented later today. the mayor's proposal will likely include health initiatives, investment in neighborhoods and more funding for police. barrett talked about the budget on up front with mike gousha. >> even though we'll see our police budget increase by 25 million dollars and by any figuring that's a lot of money we will maintain the same strength we are maintaining this year because of the labor agreements and the way the laws are written. >> we'll continue to follow the latest information about the mayor's budget. stay with wisn 12 news for updates later today. wisn 12 news time now is 6:35. >> battle over yard signs. some of the supporters are debating in a front yard and a city that is stepping in this morning. >> tragic end to a baseball
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the life of an ace pitcher. >> first, a live look outside as we head to break. matt is flying high in the sky and getting you ready for the
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>> sun up 6:44. clouds are a little stubborn. especially in the far eastern part of the state. they'll begin to part as the sun is coming back today. temperatures early this morning in the 50s the dryer air is just to the west. it is looking like a november sky almost. doesn't it. the winds are southwest at 9 miles per hour. dew back into the 40s. it is cool and comfortable across the area. a mix of sun and clouds today. the afternoon temperatures 68 degrees. a slight chance of stray showers in the north counties. most are staying dry today.
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12. >> we are over the bypass, 94 northbound, the brake lights before beloit road, the brake tapping begins and heavy up through national avenue. all in all ten minutes from the hale up to the zoo. we are crash free on the system right now. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. th 6:40. >> happening now, parts of iowa are bracing for a flood. people are using sandbags to protect their homes and businesses as the cedar river continues to rise. city crews and volunteers have been working all weekend to install levees, sandbags and more. this morning, the city is ordering some families to evacuate their homes as a precaution. >> right now san francisco is under a heat advisory. kids in the bay area are trying to stay cool in the heat. temperatures got close to 100
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near san francisco. the heat advisory continues today but temperatures will be slightly cooler. >> let's get right to tim breaking news. >> three robberies near the marquette campus. tim, what can you tell us? >> the information is coming, in most recent robbery attempt within the last hour natch near 17th and strait. the marquette police department telling the students to check their e this is becoming a trend, a robbery reported at 14th and wisconsin overnight and yesterday afternoon a robbery near 13th and wisconsin. the news room is working to learn more what happened in the
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welcome back to "wisn 12 news this morning." here on this monday, september 26th.
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this is perfect coffee weather. >> yes, it is. a little extra hot and extra shot. the sunrise 6:44. clouds are sort of shielding the sun early this morning. we talk about the sunshine later on this morning. the temperatures currently 50 dz and 60s. the wind is kicking up this morning and gusty west breezes 15-25 and going up to 68 degrees. just a whisper chance of a shower. very weak disturbance is moving through. the lows tonight 48. now to matt and the traffic. >> sally, we are over the brookfield area and looking to the west. the traffic is filling in here. we are zooming in around moreland road. the delays start there and heavy into milwaukee county.
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moreland into downtown. right now no crashes on the system. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. 6:46. >> into the shooting at the mall. >> melinda, this morning we're learning more about the suspect's background. arcan cetin has at least six criminal cases on his record in the last three years alone. police say the 20-year-old started shooting friday night near the makeup counter of a macy's department store at the cascade mall. he got away but was eventually caught after a manhunt that lasted nearly 24 hours. investigators haven't announced a motive. five people died in the shooting, including a
6:47 am
recently started her sophomore year of high school. ben? >> right now, police in champaign, illinois are looking for whoever started shooting near the university of illinois. one man is dead and four others are hurt after a pair of shootings yesterday. officials say the two shootings which they think are related started at a party in the campus business district. a few hours later, shots were fired a couple blocks west of campus. >> new this morning, 27 years after he disappeared, a minnesota boy l family and friends gathered to remember jacob wetterling. the family shared new photos and videos of jacob taken before he disappeared almost three decades ago. 3600 people attended the funeral in minneapolis. family members say that support helped them through the years. >> when jacob was taken, i was 13 and i needed my friends, all these years, we continue to rely
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many of you are here today. jacob's caring heart was and is continues to be felt through each of you, we are and always will be jacob's hope. >> family members shared memories of jacob and promised never to forget him. >> right now, more than 1500 acres are burning in california. this morning, the sawmill fire is spreading west of sacramento. the fire was first reported around noon yesterday. their homes as the fire spread. there's no word yet whether anyone is hurt or if any homes are damaged. fire officials are still trying to figure out how this fire started. >> new on wisn 12, two small planes collide in new york state killing three people. officials say the small planes crashed into each other yesterday. no one on the ground was hurt. the faa and the ntsb are at the scene this morning trying to figure out what led up to the collision. >> a boating accident claims the
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jose fernandez was found dead this weekend along with two other people after their boat crashed into a jetty near miami. fernandez was born in cuba. he came to the u.s. when he was 15. the brewers paying tribute to him. >> this morning, people around the world are remembering a golfing legend. 87-year-old arnold palmer died yesterday. palmer is known as one of golf's greatest prs he won 96 tournaments and he's credited with making golf popular in the 1960s. his loyal fans were known as arnie's army. now his fellow golfers are paying tribute to the king. >> if it wasn't for arnold palmer, i don't think the pga tour what it would be today playing for the obscene amounts of money that we play for.
6:50 am
and even though he wasn't the most successful golfer of all time he's definitely the one that will leave the lasting legacy. >> when palmer was done playing professionally, he built a business empire selling everything from golf clubs to rental cars. he also gave a lot back to the golfing community and he was so fill an tlopic. i went to one of his golf camps. hewe and the kids were so excited. >> a lot of people saying he made everyone feel important. >> with that, he garner inned great respect. >> sure absolutely. well, you want to grab a fleece, i think sweatshirts and fleece
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closets. showers and a few storms accompanying the cool front yesterday and some clouds over the far east and sows, but already dryer air is coming in. we welcome the sunshine returning. there is a second wave shooting through this afternoon and maybe just enough to bring in the clouds and stray shower to the north counties. that area of low pressure today is situated well to the north and moving a bit to it is meandering over the great lakes and clouds and a few showers beginning tomorrow. 37 at north plat. we are not that cold. we have 40s for the lows. temperatures mid to upper 50s and going up to the upper 60s. the thing to notice is the broad
6:52 am
today we are a fair amount of sunshine. moving into the evening hours, a few clouds in the north counties. but lunchtime tomorrow the clouds sag to the south and we continue to look at the rain chances. this is tomorrow afternoon and into the evening hours as we look at just rotating the clouds and spotty 63 tomorrow. 62 on wednesday. that is jacket weather. we see warmer weather toward the end of the week. >> right now, we are over i-94. looking good here. a little west of here, heavy traffic around the construction area. we have 19 minutes from moreland
6:53 am
so prepare for delays. heavy stuff into the construction zone. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. developing this morning, charlotte is in recover mode. they are waking up without a this startd with a fatal police shooting that happened a week ago and lead todays of unrest. now the officials are encouraging people to come together to show unity in a peaceful way and they are hoping that with the ending of this curfew that is a step in the right direction. back to you. >> protestor gathered out of the arena where the panthers were playing.
6:54 am
linked arms no. word on arrests. >> at least six people are hurt after a fight outside of a nightclub in boston. the people were stabbed with a bottle. police say they haven't arrest add suspect in this case. >> right now, a move nment new orleans to take down on iconic statute, they want to monument be removed. protestor want that one to come down too. another group gathered to support the statute, including the former kkk leader. >> donald trump supporter in trouble with the law because he's got too many trump signs. the town in massachusetts has an ordinance, you can only have 32
6:55 am
this man has 300 square feet of signs. he's fighting back by stajing a protest on his front lawn. people gathered there to support him there too. >> just to show support. just don't think that the city is doing the right thing. >> this is to support ricky to support whatever candidate he wants to. >> the neighbors are not upset about the signs, just to noise from the >> wisn 12 news time now is 6:55. a cool day to start the workweek. >> we are taking a live look outside. flying high above milwaukee right now. a final check on the forecast
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>> thank you for joining us. locust over the freeway there. meanwhile, 17 minutes on 41
6:59 am
that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> i'm thinking matt won't be short sleeves tomorrow morning. we have 40s for the lows tonight. right now 50s and 60s. high of 68. winds are gusting 15-25. the sun will come out. low 60s tuesday and wednesday. the readings cooler than normal. warmer for the weekend. >> this is a perfect time of the year. >> i agree. >> beautiful, just seeing the leaves dry and turn up. we have the fall color maps coming up thursday and friday. >> debate night. >> who you got?
7:00 am
debate tonight, hofstra university in new york. >> 25 more minutes more news, good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton getting set for tonight's crucial first debate. how the candidates are preparing in the final hours. >> getting ready. getting ready. >> 100 million people expected to tune in. the war over ho will be i what each candidate needs to do to close the deal tonight. it's your voice, your vote. major washout. entire neighborhoods underwater in the midwest. rifs rising, forcing thousands to evacuate. residents racing to save their homes. as they brace for the worst flooding in nearly a decade. police release new footage of the deadly shooting in charlotte. questions grow. tensions rise on the streets.


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